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Hello My name is Nan.It is so nice to meet you on the social world.
I was born and raised in Phayao province,Thailand and now I live at here with my family. I was born with my mother working on hyacinth woven bags. I am 35 years old now in 2021.
The province where I live has “Kwan Phayao” or “The Heart of Phayao City” in Muang Phayao District. It is the 1st largest freshwater lake in the North and the 4th largest in Thailand.It has waterhyacinth grow in the water.
when i grow up I learned to make water hyacinths and modernized bags design. I designed it myself and made it with my heart. since I was 13 years old. The mother is the person who takes care of the product quality. Father is a package person. My oldest daughter is a model. And the people in my community helped make the bags I designed. And I take the designs that I design with love and the community do to etsy. I am very proud that everyone loves my work.
NORNOR was founded by Angkanaporn Nuntakrua (Nan) in 2017. It was born
from my love and i sees the carefully crafted products made by my local artisans when i was young. I understand the importance of culture and heritage along with passing these skills down from generation to generation. Thus, each piece is completely handcrafted, unique and exclusive.
Which is to help people in my community and I use a portion of the proceeds to fund scholarships for children in the community because I am chemistry teacher and buy gifts for villagers in the community every new year.

❤️from the heartmade by hand to the hub

I sincerely hope that you will appreciate and love my work.